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     Headquartered in Providence USA and serving the MENA and US higher degree seeking communities, Global Exchange was founded in 2006 under the principle of offering international students real-world solutions to all of their educational needs. We effectively mediate between high degree seekers and educational entities, fostering the understanding, education, peace and cultural exchange between nations.

Our Philosophy

     Our teams of experienced professionals strive to provide a higher level of service and support that our clients can’t get anywhere else. Our reputation speaks for itself; we offer the best value combined with the support of our creative minds to create an educational solution that suits your higher degree needs and the needs of your own personal future.

     Our ambition is to help global students get into high degree institutions in America and American students get into prestigious universities abroad. Global Exchange is committed to providing quality education, enabling International Students to graduate and pursue rewarding careers in their field on a global scale.

Our Mission

     Our Mission is to promote the Cross-Cultural Exchange involving MENA Region and the United States of America and to be an effective mediate between high degree seekers and educational entities, fostering Understanding, Education, Peace and Cultural Exchange











Our team is composed of Academic Advisors, Admission Specialists, College Counselors, Administrative Assistants well versed in college applications, Visa Specialists who will assist you with visa applications to USA, UK or Canada. 
Not to mention that part of our extend team is our partners in Colleges and Universities who will also be involved in processing your file. 

the team
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